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Anthology of Contemporary Textile & Fibre Art Thank you to all the artists who participated We give voice to international artists in our DYNAMIC COLORS -Textile Art providing them with opportunities to Exhibition. Without you this publicaiton reach greater popularity, recognition and success in a would not exist. fast-moving technological age. By participating in our online Art Contests and publications such artists will be easily accessed by greater and more diverse audience. Cover Art: We post all artists’ work on our Online Gallery and through social media channels for the duration of the contest and later on our Gallery Archive sector. Our contest winners are featured in our online publications as well as in our Winners Gallery. We believe that with common efforts, we could not only help artists and writers gain greater popularity but also promote the beauty of artistic visions and the purity of poetic insights. We insist on uncovering the healing power Front: “Mikey of Mallory”, 2013 of artistic vision that helps humanity attain Back : “The Deal”, 2013 enlightenment and happiness. For that purpose, per- centage of the proceeds from each Art Contest goes to Marie Bergstedt charity organizations. Our donation policy also supports San Francisco, CA / USA artists and writers with disabilities. We acknowledge the important role an en- Copyright © 2014 vironmentally friendly policy plays today in www.Arteziana.Net the life of our planet. We join the world-wide effort of humanity in giving birth and restoring beauty out of All artwork images featured in “Anthology of Contemporary Textile & Fibre Art” remain the sole property of the artists. reused materials. For that reason, we privilege the use Artistic visions, ideas, and views expressed by the featured art of recycled materials and support responsible printing belong to the individual artists themselves, not to that of of books through print-on-demand technology. www.Arteziana.Net
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