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The Beauty Weaver - Artist's Profile of Ivan Papazov-Vanche
The book is a voyage through artist's creative phases and life experiences. Well-received and admired within the artistic communities of Europe and North America, Vanche’s artworks have been widely exhibited and won many international awards.
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Voices of Exile - Poetry & Art by Rosita Georgieva
Voices of Exile - Poetry & Artworks by Rosita Georgieva
A collection of poetry that gives expression to diverse voices of immigrants, travellers, artists, bards, seers, and nomads representing the Eastern European “lost generation” of the early 1990s. Writing poetry since the age of 15, Rosita had won many awards at poetry contests and had her poems published in US, Canadian and Bulgarian magazines and anthologies.
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Cats in Neighborhood FEAR - Fiction by Christo Kardjilov
Christo Kardjilov began his artistic career as a book illustrator in the late 70's. Many of his artworks are owned by public and private art galleries and collections in Bulgaria, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, India, Japan and the US.
In 2007 the artist brought an extraordinary surprise to its fans - the premiere of his fiction debut book "Cats in Neighborhood FEAR ". Featured in this book 11 stories and 64 illustrations recreate the experiences of the author in an unfamiliar setting for his kind, full of oddities and mystery.
Galleries representing the Artist: 41TGallery.comGallery Rakursi / Gallery Cavalet
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The Monument of Memorable Bulgarian
Apostle "Levski" in Sofia

"Памятникъ на Незабравимий Българский Поборникъ
"Левский" в гр. София
Author & Illustrator: Alexander Stefanov
- 160 richly illustrated pages
- More than 250 archival photographs and documents
- Available for PC & Mac platforms.
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A Monument Eternize the Memory
of Vasil Levski in Karlovo

"Памятникъ за Увековечаване Паметьта на Василъ Левски
въ гр. Карлово
Author & Illustrator: Alexander Stefanov
- 326 richly illustrated pages
- More than 400 archival photographs and documents
- Available for PC & Mac platforms.
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